The Vevmo Challenge: Judgement Day
Genre Reality Competiton
Presented by Ceej3 & Cochroach
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 9
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel
Original airing October 2018
Preceded by The Vevmo Challenge: Retribution
Followed by TBA
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The Vevmo Challenge: Judgement Day is the 9th installment in the Vevmo Challenge Franchise. Ceej and Cochroach brought together 30 of vevmo's most competitive and notorious players to pair off and compete for the title of Vevmo Challenge Champions.

The format this season follows that of MTV's The Challenge: Final Reckoning, it has the contestants in pairs where the winning team is the only one's safe from elimination. This team becomes the "Power Team" and gain an extra vote in the Deliberation. The difference from the FR format is that the each person on the power team can vote together or separate. Every team will vote anonymously, after which the team with the most votes will then be sent into the elimination round called "The Cataclysm". The team voted into elimination will then select any of the teams that voted them in, except the winning team, to join them in elimination.

This season premiered on October 14th, 2018.


Host: Ceej3 & Cochroach

Contestants Part 1
Player Debut Season Finish
badladjj VR XI: The Tomb III
ChallengeFan00 VG III: Superfans
DScott VR XI: The Tomb III
el_greco Survivor: SouthPacific
gamer73 Vevmo Revenge III
HonestTea101 VG III: Superfans
InterFan The Real Road II
josh8793 AreYouTheOneToo?
Monoxide* VC IX: Judgement Day
schaboszczak I Love Vevmoney
natfan42 VC IX:JudgementDay Episode 15
Slayvia2370 The Real Road II Episode 15
SKB504 VC VII: Assassins Episode 13/14
Youssarian VR 7: The Isle Episode 13/14
Alaina VGIV:BattleofTheAges Episode 12
Contestants Part 2
Player Debut Season Finish
Morris1721 VR: The Citadel Episode 12
White Skull Survevmo:SouthPacific Episode 11
Formation123 VC VII: Retribution Episode 10
infamous Mafia II Episode 9
hardbitten Survevmo: Kimberley Episode 9
JohnPhoenix SurVevmo:GhostIsland Episode 7
thedefiantwolf The Real Road II Episode 7
MalikOnFleek VQ:The Nexus Episode 7
imallergic Are You The One? Episode 7*
LurkerNoMore Mafia I Episode 4
WittyWrath AreYouTheOneToo? Episode 4
KlounV3 VR10: The Coliseum II Episode 3
Raymond21 VR VIII Episode 3
challenge13 VC IX: Judgement Day Episode 1/2
kvm1977 VR10: The Coliseum II Episode 1/2
CosmicDiva VC IX: Judgement Day Episode 1


The first challenge involved making partners. A colored ball would be dropped each round and the person who caught the ball, would then pair two contestants together, excluding themselves. Someone could not catch two balls in a row and this happened until there was only 2 balls left and that person selected both of the remaining teams.

Color Caught by Partner 1 Partner 2
     JohnPhoenix hardbitten infamous
     HonestTea101 gamer73 schaboszczak
     DScott HonestTea101 josh8793
     InterFan KlounV3 natfan42
     DScott SKB504 Slayvia2370
     Formation123 Alaina Morris1721
     DScott LurkerNoMore WittyWrath
     White Skull ChallengeFan00 DScott
     badladjj JohnPhoenix MalikOnFleek
     White Skull badladjj Raymond21
     InterFan imallergic White Skull
     Formation123 InterFan Youssarian
     CosmicDiva el_greco kvm1977
     challenge13 challenge13 Formation123
     CosmicDiva thedefiantwolf

Team Progress

Partner 1 Pa rtner 2 Team Team Formed Eliminated
badladjj josh8793      Episode 13
DScott gamer73      Episode 13
ChallengeFan00 schaboszczak      Episode 13
InterFan el_greco      Episode 13
HonestTea101 Monoxide      Episode 15
HonestTea101 natfan42      Episode 13 Episode 15
Slayvia2370 Monoxide      Episode 13 Episode 15
SKB504 Youssarian      Episode 13 Episode 13/14
gamer73 schaboszczak      Episode 1 Episode 13
InterFan Youssarian      Episode 12
josh8793 HonestTea101      Episode 1
ChallengeFan00 DScott      Episode 1
badladjj natfan42      Episode 3
SKB504 Slayvia2370      Episode 11
Alaina InterFan      Episode 8 Episode 12
Slayvia2370 Monoxide      Episode 9 Episode 11
el_greco Formation123      Episode 2 Episode 10
hardbitten infamous      Episode 1 Episode 9
Youssarian Morris1721      Episode 9 Episode 12
SKB504 WhiteSkull      Episode 7 Episode 12
InterFan Youssarian      Episode 1 Episode 8
Alaina Morris1721      Episode 1 Episode 8
JohnPhoenix MalikOnFleek      Episode 1 Episode 7
Monoxide thedefiantwolf      Episode 2 Episode 7
imallergic WhiteSkull      Episode 1 Episode 7
SKB504 Slayvia2370      Episode 1 Episode 5
LurkerNoMore WittyWrath      Episode 1 Episode 4
badladjj Raymond21      Episode 1 Episode 3
natfan42 KlounV3      Episode 1 Episode 3
el_greco kvm1977      Episode 1 Episode 1/2
challenge13 Formation123      Episode 1 Episode 1/2
CosmicDiva thedefiantwolf      Episode 1 Episode 1
  • bold indicates the players in the Redemption House

Elimination Chart

Episode Winners Cataclysm teams Cataclysm game Cataclysm outcome New Team Formed
# Challenge Voted In Called Out Winners Losers
1/2 Welcome To The Necropolis hardbitten & infamous Sent To Redemption House InterFan & Youssarian
challenge13 & Formation123 el_greco & kvm1977 Reeling It In el_greco kvm1977 el_greco & Formation123
Formation123 challenge13
3 Dug Out ChallengeFan00 & DScott KlounV3 & natfan42* badladjj & Raymond21* Think Outside The Box badladjj KlounV3 badladjj & natfan42
natfan42 Raymond21
4 Social Blade badladjj & natfan42 imallergic & White Skull LurkerNoMore & WittyWrath Fetch It! White Skull LurkerNoMore N/A
imallergic WittyWrath
5 Well Seasoned hardbitten & infamous Sent To Redemption House SKB504 & Slayvia2370
6 Pushing On Through hardbitten & infamous ChallengeFan00 & DScott* Monoxide & thedefiantwolf Non-Elimination Round
7 Who Can You Trust? ChallengeFan00 & DScott JohnPhoenix & MalikOnFleek SKB504 & White Skull Pull No Punches SKB504 MalikOnFleek N/A
Monoxide & thedefiantwolf* White Skull thedefiantwolf
8 Clued In hardbitten & infamous Alaina & Morris1721* InterFan & Youssarian X-Battle Alaina Morris1721 Alaina & InterFan
InterFan Youssarian
9 Grenade Brigade badladjj & natfan42 Sent To Redemption House hardbitten & infamous
10 Election Szn gamer73 & schaboszczak HonestTea101 & josh8793 el_greco & Formation123 The Great Escape HonestTea101 el_greco N/A
josh8793 Formation123
11 X'd Out HonestTea101 & josh8793 SKB504 & White Skull Monoxide & Slayvia2370 Mazerunner Slayvia2370 Monoxide SKB504 & Slayvia2370
SKB504 White Skull
12 Filling Voids gamer73 & schaboszczak Alaina & InterFan Morris1721 & Youssarian Fall Apart InterFan Morris1721* InterFan & Youssarian
Youssarian Alaina
13/14 Heads Will Roll el_greco & InterFan ChallengeFan00 & schaboszczak* SKB504 & Youssarian Coconut Catch ChallengeFan00 & schaboszczak SKB504 & Youssarian N/A
15 Tower of Power DScott & gamer73 Monoxide & Slayvia2370* HonestTea101 & natfan42 Deja Duel Monoxide & HonestTea101 natfan42 & Slayvia2370 HonestTea101 & Monoxide
16 Tediously Tired el_greco & InterFan Non-Elimination Round
badladjj & josh8793
ChallengeFan00 & schaboszczak

If the name is bolded that means that contestant pulled the double cross and determined the elimination matchups.